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I’m Melanie Gonzalez, a journalist living in Los Angeles.

I am passionate about under-reported stories and about communities that are often overlooked, and creating multimedia experiences.

I am currently documenting Latinx religious practices and botanicas with my project, Botanica Beat, where I’m following the intersection of religion, gentrification and identity.

Along with reporting and writing, my skills include illustration, coding,  video and audio production, including development, producing, editing and mixing.

Previously, I was Investigative Fellow with Univision/Fusion TV, where I worked on the shows The Naked Truth, The Feed and Univision’s English language daily news show, UNews.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, I have lived in Chile, Argentina, Miami and San Francisco, and I am always open to reporting opportunities abroad.

I hold a Masters of Science in Journalism from USC Annenberg, and a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Literature from San Francisco State University.

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